Latest: Chinese New Year Ball

Celebrate the Chinese New Year and have an unforgettable night at DoubleTree with us on 10 Feb 2018!

Have a unique and sumptuous Chinese New Year celebration with friends and give the new year an auspicious and satisfying head-start at the CUCNY Chinese New Year Ball 2018! You can indulge yourself in an array of specially selected food and drinks, and immerse yourself in the festivity of exciting gala events - not to mention the beautiful rendition of singing performances by the candidates of Scintillate, proudly brought to you this year jointly by CUCNY and CUCCS. Join us in this special night on 10th February at DoubleTree Hotel! Ticketing Notice:
1. There are only 10 early bird tickets available at discounted rate so hurry!
2. There are 5 pairs of dining ticket available which come with a free rose. These tickets have to be purchased in pairs.
3. Single dining tickets are also available.
4. Dining-only tickets as well as Non-dining tickets are also available to guests who want to join the fun half way!

  • Date: 10 Feb 2018
  • Time: 1845hr
  • Location: DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton

Great past experience to showcase

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Charity Run

In the autum of 2016, we held our annual charity run along River Cam. Every participants launched their fundraising pages on Facebook, which helped us to raise more valuable funds and allowed our event to reach a wider audience. At the same time as our runners exercised hard for better health in the 5km run, they also lent their support to developing educational system in rural China. Specially designed T-shirts were given to the participants as a token of appreciation.

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Casino Night

We run a training programme to develop proficient dealers for mock casinos so that they can help out in many society-run events. High profile events include the annual ABACUS boat party and our very own casino night, which has been a long running success story and has raised a substantial amount of charitable funds over the years.

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CNY Ball

Last Year's CNY Ball was themed 'Temple Fair', which featured specially selected menu and carefully decorated venue by the committee members. The event also incorporated a wide range of traditional Chinese games such as langtern riddles. Charity fund was raised by auctioning read wine and popular May Ball tickets.

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Werewolf Game Contest

Last year's inaugral werewolf game contest proved hugely popular. To reach the global audience beyond Cambridge, and to satisfy people who did not manage to secure a ticket, the contest was broadcast live as contestants put up their best shots.