Education For The Needy In China

We have provided the much needed educational resources for the people in China who need it the most —— migrant children, rural residents and impoverished children

Since establishment, we have raised one million RMB for our projects in China

In 2005, we raised 200 thousand and founded DaMiao primary school in Hebei, which accommodates 350 pupils currently.

In 2009, we sponsored 24 pupils in YunXiangXi primary school in Sichuan, who had experienced the earthquake in 2008. We hope our support could help them restore their lives.

In 2014, we sponsored 18 impoverished college students in Capital Normal University. To appreciate the support from the society, they worked as volunteer teachers once a week, teaching children from migrant families.

In March 2017, Capital Normal University and we initiated a "Dandelion Plan", aim to tutor the children of migrant workers. We will send volunteer teachers to areas in need of education and will also actively collect feedback, such as videoing their classes, receiving opinion cards from children, etc. Besides, we assist the "Dynamic Community" plan originated by Capital Normal University. By achieving this, our volunteers help organize extra-curricular activities. We hope we can make substantial progress in terms of organizing activities, arranging programs, selecting volunteers, giving scholarships and receiving feedback. Additionally, we will work closely with Capital Normal University and become genuinely helpful.

Vibrant Community (Xidian Branch)

Vibrant Community is a program serving the floating population through opening activity centres at floating population living communities

In 2006, vibrant community was founded as a public charity. At present, Vibrant Community has established activity centres in Dongba in Beijing Chaoyang District, Zhu Fang in Haidian District, Xidian in Changping District and Xin'an in Shanghai Minhang District.

On weekdays, the program mainly helps students on their homework. And on weekends there are lectures and workshops on handcraft, puzzles, Lego building blocks, music, dancing, reading, photography.

For many families, both parents have to work in order to raise the family, leaving their children home alone. This program aims to take care of children and to buid bounds among families and neighbourhoods. One of our volunteers have given us some feedbacks:

During the break, I met two girls that I had taught in class. When I heard them greeting me, I had a strange feeling in my mind that they are really my students. Especially when a little girl said to the other, "I am very impressed with this teacher (which refers to me)", I really feel that the heart is full of happiness and satisfaction. Every time doing this volunteering, it takes about whole afternoon; every time we have to rush to catch the bus and the underground, and most of the time there are no seats. Although it was a voluntary job, there were also grievances and little complaints, but after hearing what that little girl said, I really felt that every Sunday afternoon was worthwhile. I am very grateful to the society for giving me the opportunity to spend happy and meaningful time with my lovely children.

Dandelion Plan

Dandelion Plan is a voluntary teaching program for children of migrant workers

In March 2017, Capital Normal University and Cambridge University Chinese New Year Trust launched the “Dandelion Plan”, to provide tutorials of Mathematics and English for the children from the Dandelion Secondary School. We will send volunteer teachers to areas in need of education and will also actively collect feedback, such as videoing their classes, receiving opinion cards from children, etc.

Founded in 2005, Dandelion Secondary School was the first secondary school approved by Beijing government for children of migrant workers. It is a non-profit private school dedicated to solving the education problems of children of migrant workers and bridging the road for students’ future studies and employment. The school now has nearly 630 students from around the country and is building a new campus to provide students with a better environment for learning.<\p>